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Hi. I’m Ryan,

I’ll be your coder for today.

I’m a motivated software developer with experience across a range of languages and development platforms. I’ve written in C++, T-SQL, Javascript, C# and VB.NET [brain damage included].

I’ve been lucky enough to work with the biggest names in Australian Game Development and now I’m a Game Development contractor and co-founder of Spud Spicer.

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I'm at my best in small teams.

I’m first and foremost a team player. I’m at my best when I work in small close-knit teams. I’m very passionate about developing solutions that grant others the flexibility to be as creative as possible. I derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing that my code empowers my team mates to do the best work that they can, every day.


My skills are built upon a bedrock of C++ Game Development training. I spent several years in an enterprise software development role where I learned C# and VB.NET and T-SQL. I returned to video games and worked with League of Geeks, Many Monkeys and Mighty Games Group, where I developed my expertise in Unity under the titans of the Australian Video Games industry.


After leaving my enterprise development role, I joined the League of Geeks in their earliest days of developing Armello. I transitioned to Many Monkeys where I was privileged to work on the award winning game Breath of Light, then moved laterally to Mighty Games where I was involved with Shooty Skies and Disney Crossy Road.


I enjoy developing systems that are flexible, open to change, fast and stable. When I can avoid it (which is almost always) I’m not the guy that ‘hacks it in’. I always try to balance flexibility and modularity with the short term needs of the project. When I touch something for the second time, I want the next feature to be clean and easy.

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